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Little Monsters !!TOP!!

If you sign up for Padlet now, a Little Monster will automatically be assigned as your avatar. If you're already registered, you can go to the following page to claim you monster and set it as your avatar: -monsters. This is reversible, of course. You can switch between your own avatar and your Little Monster avatar any time you want.

Little Monsters

ULABY: That's most likely one of Edison's female factory workers imitating a little girl, or so says Jerry Fabris. He curates sound recordings at Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Fabris says Edison was, for the first time, trying to market the then brand-new, wax-cylinder phonograph for people to use at home. He thought the best vehicle would be a doll.

Where do we start?! Our most popular books for little ones include ABC For You, an alphabet book that kickstarts their learning journey in a powerfully personalized way. We also have Bedtime For You and Daycare For You, two ever-so-sweet toddler books created for cozy bedtimes and calm mornings. 041b061a72

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