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How To Buy From Alibaba Without A Company

By the numbers, Alibaba is the largest ecommerce company in the world, earning around $135 billion in 2022. It's also the most comprehensive directory that connects suppliers (mostly from Asia) with buyers from all over the globe.

how to buy from alibaba without a company

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The easiest business to start with no money is the one that requires little to no financial investment. Drop shopping is one of the easiest businesses to start with no money. This online business involves creating an online store by selling products available through partners of your choice. When a customer makes an order, your partner company will be responsible for fulfilling the order. This way, you save yourself from the hassle of buying, storing, and delivering goods while getting a commission on goods sold.

You may be a seller with brilliant product ideas but without a strategy in place for product sourcing, it can become very difficult to take your Amazon FBA business forward. This is where Alibaba comes into play because you can choose from various suppliers of different price ranges. But you need to be wary of fraudsters and fake suppliers as it is a major concern among sellers who use Alibaba for sourcing their products. This concern too will be addressed as your progress through this article.

1. I have contacted many suppliers and a trading company gave me best price rather than a manufacturing company. Is it okay to order from a trading company (with registered capital of RMB 30000 and 1 year gold supplier)?

I am currently in the process of ordering 300 t-shirts from an alibaba supplier. They have offered a great price and samples. However, when I ask how much for shipping they tell me they cannot quote the shipping charge until they list the cargo. They have offered the PI but with no shipping cost. I am wondering if this is a normal thing or is this a scam? This is my first time purchase through alibaba.Thank you.

Verified suppliers may arguably be your best choice. They are gold suppliers from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, who have been inspected by a third-party inspection company. If the supplier has been verified, you will see this on their Alibaba profile, as well as a list of what they have been verified for.

Third-party fulfillment centers offer outsourced product management programs where a company stores your stock, packs orders, and handles the shipping, tracking, and customer service process. This option is best for sellers who are not selling merchandise from their home, or sellers who have expanded beyond their home operations and require additional help to manage high order volumes.

So, I have ordered to my company LED lights from a big company in Alibaba, the products came and the quality was ok. One issue was that UPS had broken a few lights and I reported this to the salesman from the company and said that we are in urgent need for the remaining products. So meanwhile the UPS is checking what they are going to pay or not, we need to made another order. The salesman told me that they dont have the products in stock but if we need the items he can personally send items with better quality and will also put a few other extra items in the same shipment for our testing. Told me to contact him on his personal e-mail if I am interested of the products. Like I said, we have a urgent demand of the products so I contacted him on his personal e-mail.

Hi Andrew, I found this company on Alibaba platform, Guangdong Dujunmei Mobile Interconnection Technology Co.Ltd to buy smart television, they have sent me the pi, indicating that I have to pay US$ 180 for Alibaba commission additional to the total cost of goods. When you buy from Alibaba, do you pay commission?

i found a supplier for face masks in china. 1 year old factory gold member. after a week of chatting and filling up the excel with products, she tells me she just found out alibaba has banned sales of face masks on the site and in order to pay using trade assurance we need to change the items on the excel and make it looks as if we are not dealing with face masks. i said ok. she then asked me to do it myself. which i said no and asked here to do it which she agreed immediately. She has always being extremely helpful and have good prices compared to other suppliers. Also, since shippings masks is very expensive nowadays from china, she offered to ship by sea since it will be a big purchase 10k approximately. So my doubt is if this is a scam? the only flag is that she told me we need to change the excell list for trade assurance.

I try to buy an branded drone from alibaba. I contact with 8 supplier and the 7 of them was trying to scam me. This website are full of scammers. All the 7 suppliers try to message me out from alibaba, on whatsapp. When I try to message them on alibaba, they keep ask me to contact them on whatsapp. I contact them on whatsapp and they ask me to pay with moneygram and westernunion.

They give low prices and offers like buy 2 get 1 free, but 5 get 4 free. When I tell to pay them with paypal or alibaba checkout all of them they deny with stupid excuses. Many of them was old or gold members. If a supplier are old or gold its nothing to do about trusty. If they have the opportunity to scam you, they will but out from website on whatsapp.

@Jim, you just related exactly what I have been going through for over a week now, so called suppliers who redirected me from the official alibaba platform to a whatsapp number, then went on to ask for payment via Western Union and Moneygra, while offering the buy 2 get 1 free rhetoric. Thanks I came across this article today and shared screenshots of some points via whatsapp. The dude blocked me and disappeared. Yoooh, there are real crazy people out there.

So I am just a click away from putting $2742.50 on my PayPal account. The guy I am dealing with (Roman Anderson D) of Magazine Pro LLC (company name) is offering a $30,000 CanAm side-by-side for $1500.00 USD saying that it is a promotional deal. Everything that I know is telling me that it is a total scam.. Have you ever heard of such a thing or should I save my money and stay away

Thank you so much for this insightful information.Unfortunately I am a victim,recently i came across a company called Genuine Gadgets Limited on Alibaba with a gold status and a verified a&v check.They had advertised ps4 consoles with a promo of the buy 2 and get 1 unit for free.Obviously the prices were quite low and naturally one would have thought it would turn out to be a good deal.We resumed our communication on the Alibaba chat box and she invited me to talk to them on whatsapp and requested me to place an order and pay using money-gram since there was that option on the offline.They had pointed out that they would be shipping the products to my door step using DHL and after confirming the payment she then said DHL was quite expensive and would now be using a shipping company using Trace-world logistics and gave us a fake reference number which seemed genuine until after a day when she contacted me to say that the goods were held by the Zambian customs authorities who were demanding an amount of $1000 for the goods to be released.After telling her that we did not have such amounts of money she persisted saying that we could share the custom liability since they did not anticipate it,we refused to pay and never heard from this scammer again.Kindly take me through a step by step tutorial on how to order in the right way.

I want to buy a ATV from Zhejiang Feishen Vehicle Co., Ltd. This guy Eric says that his company is verified with Alibaba since 2000. Hes going to give me his bank account info tomorrow. 44 side by side ATV for $2000 includes shipping. Said I can pay $1500 now and $500 when I get the ATV. Just pisses me off that people can screw others. The thing that gets me is that this company appears to be legit.

I was just hours away from falling into a scam with a FMCG confectionery company last year. The invoice/catalogue etc looked good the business was genuinely a registered Limited company in the UK with a genuine physical address and a UK based business bank account. I thankfully never sent them the requested invoiced fee via bank transfer.

I wish I had just done some research before placing my order! I have been scammed in pretty much most of your points listed. The company was US based and the tracking showed the package was coming from the UK. The company is ATV Direct Limited and the contact Fred Andrew. Please put them on whatever list you have out there to warn folk. They made contact via Alibaba which I am assuming is the free listing you refer to. Surely Alibaba should be verifying information reflecting on their site? is an online B2B marketplace with lots of suppliers from Europe. The company provides different subdomains for most countries, which makes it easier to navigate through the marketplace. You can also choose between various currencies.

Innovative business models are changing the world as we know it. Airbnb is the biggest accommodation provider worldwide without owning a single room, Uber is the biggest cab company without owning a single cab and Alibaba is the biggest retailer with no stock at all.

Secret Sauce: The company is able to motivate a large community to participate in the project without offering financial benefits. With the contribution of the online community, Wikipedia ensures the quality of the articles.

Secret Sauce: Zara produces where it sells. It utilizes a very tight supply chain from initial design through to final production. This allows the company to adapt to new fashion trends and ideas within two weeks. As a result, short lead times for new products and fast replenishes of sold-out merchandise, are being made possible.

A tax exemption certificate is a document that proves a person or business is eligible for a tax exemption on their purchases. A tax exemption certificate can be used to waive sales taxes on purchases from Alibaba (and other suppliers or retailers), allowing you to obtain goods without having to pay those taxes. 041b061a72

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